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The word “entrepreneurship” has become increasingly common nowadays. You hear pretty much every single day.

The reason? More and more people are starting businesses. People are putting in effort to achieve their goals. And, sometimes, they don’t even know what business idea will be the one that’s successful.

Although there is no strategy that guarantees the success of an idea, there are different steps or tips to take in mind to increase the chances:

How do you define a business idea?

The business idea is the starting point of any business project. In this case, the product or service that someone wants to offer to the market. Basically, it’s the business opportunity, that will determine the success or failure in practice.

How to create a business idea when everything has already been invented?

There is a certain point in life where it is considered that “everything has already been invented”. The first thing to do is to abandon this belief.

Business opportunities are endless. They range from designing something completely new to the innovation of something that previously existed. People shouldn’t limit their opportunities by the belief that they can’t create anything new. With innovation, anything is possible.

  • Find the correct idea. This step can be the easiest or the most complicated one. There are different sources to look for and develop ideas.
    • By coincidence or luck. Maybe the idea emerges while you’re working, driving or taking a shower. It’s usually something simple that satisfies a need.
    • By common specifiers. Basically, it’s about listening to others. Teachers, friends, family, online forums, competitors, and so on. By understanding the needs and problems they have businesspeople can develop new ideas.
    • Through observation. You have to be very perceptive to the changes occurring in the market and society. Demographic changes and new developments play a determining role.
    • Research and documentation. Search information, consult documents, previous research, market studies, and understand consumer behavior.
  • Be knowledgeable. You may have the best idea in the world, but it’s never getting anywhere without knowledge. Generally, entrepreneurs have a high level of acquired knowledge or have been benefited from previous professional experiences.
  • Try the idea. The next thing to do is to prove that the idea gives results, that it will really satisfy the need identified.
  • Launch at the precise moment. It is important to identify the right moment to put the idea in the market. This is really important because it can represent a big failure if not done right.
  • Evaluate the idea. The idea is not worth anything until it has been commercialized. However, this does not mean that having low sales is a bad product or service. Normally it takes 3 years to start seeing results, or even more.
  • Don’t give up and be realistic. Do not expect to bill a million dollars during the first year of the business. Although it’s not impossible, it’s very difficult to achieve. Remember, this doesn’t mean that the idea is not good.
  • It is always important to know how to sell a business idea properly. Having a business plan, marketing, promotion, and sales will help to achieve it.

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