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How social networks impact your image

Social networks have become an extension of our lives, according to Hootsuite there are around 3.2 million active users in different social networks, this represents 42% of the world population.

In this article we want to tell you about the impact of having a profile on a social network, you have to know that it’s not just about sharing your daily activities or preferences, it also means the image that the world perceives of you and your reputation online.

Did you know that you can be discarded by a recruiter for what you share on your social networks?

It is more common for business recruiters to seek information about the candidate through social networks and make the decision to hire or not the person based on that.

Seeing their social pages helps the recruiters to evaluate whether the profile suits the ideals and values of the company because at the end of the day they will become an important part of it and probably an ambassador of the brand.

A clear example of this is what happened to James Gunn, director of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and Disney.

Disney took the decision to dispense with the services of the director because a few tweets he made joking (according to the director) about pedophilia and rapes 10 years ago.

We are sure that it never crossed in James Gunn’s mind to be fired because of that. And it’s not just happening to people in that industry, it’s something that can happen to any person.

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How do I take care of my reputation online?

  • Configure the privacy of your accounts

Restrict the access to the information you share on social networks, it will help you to not be valued for what you share in them, also to avoid information from falling into the wrong hands.

You have to be careful of this because also not sharing too much information about you can generate some doubts.

  •  Create a profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has great SEO in Google; if a person is looking for you in Google the first result that appears will probably be your profile in this social network.

In addition, its focus is more professional, so you can create work connections and companies can contact you to offer you work.

  • Check in the search engines.

Try searching periodically to review the information that companies can find about you and if any of these can damage you as a candidate. This can include images.

  • Be careful with the photos you share.

If people know you more for the photos of parties than for the photos of your achievements, then you should evaluate whether your professional image is being affected or not by what you share about your lifestyle.

Remember the example of James Gunn, were something he took as a joke ended up damaging his career considerably. The same goes for your photos.

It may seem easy and interesting to share photos of your last party in Cancun or every place you visit, however, you have to be smart about the photos you share and which ones it is best to keep for you.

  • Be aware of what you share.

You are responsible for all the content you share. You can have the best image in social media and then share a misplaced comment causing serious damage in your reputation.

Comments talking bad about your bosses or the company you are working in, can cause you problems and even affect the next time you are looking for another job.

Look for a balance between your “personal” image and your “professional” image. Remember that both, the images and the information you post on social networks will create an idea of you, especially when you represent a particular company.

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