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How to use LinkedIn like a pro? The first 9 steps

LinkedIn is a social media platform that functions for all business and organizations as the best place for networking in the entire internet. When businesses learn how to use LinkedIn and their tools, instead you will start to notice the progress.

From being essentially hosting for curriculum, the website grew into the best place to connect with potential employers, employees and partners.

Nowadays, it’s very important to managers and professionals to create a LinkedIn profile and use it actively by sharing relevant content to potentiate their personal brand.

This platform is constantly updating and has managed to position itself as a social network with a more serious content, focused on business and labor relations, that is why you should how to use LinkedIn as a tool that offers you growth.


How is future of work going to look like?

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, speaking on the future of work once said “there are 3 themes that are worth calling out: Artificial intelligence and automation, the skills gaps, and the rise of independent work.”

Those three trends will transform the way employers hire and develop talents. It’s important for all companies to prepare their workforce for this. 


9 things you must do when using LinkedIn

1. Never miss an opportunity to connect, contacts are the key to success.

Having connections can open many doors. Keep in mind, it’s important that your contacts are of a certain quality and that they are part of the sector that you work or want to work in.

Don’t be afraid to accept invitations from strangers, as long as they can help you expand your network or you are interested in following their experience. 

2. Don’t forget the summary, it’s the your first impression.

Most profile checks in LinkedIn don’t last more than a few seconds. If a potential recruiter or partner looks at your profile, the first thing they see must be attractive. 

The voice tone of this network is professional and respectful, as well as the labor sphere.

3. Take advantage of groups as a useful tool for information.

There’s everything to be found in LinkedIn groups. Find people interesting people and create relationships with them.

4. Optimize your profile and always stay updated.

The activity on your profile generates visibility that increases your options to attract customers or get new projects and collaborations. 

5. Involve your team, together you’re stronger. 

When you have loyal ambassadors that generate good content using the same brand, everyone wins.

If all the employees in a company use their profile to share quality content, it will generate positive traffic and positioning.

6. Recommendations and testimonials boost your profile’s credibility.

A recommendation written by your previous boss or coworkers will help you connect more quickly with people visiting your profile.

Companies can announce work opportunities directed to specific targets and having recommendations will ensure you get them.

7. Share valuable information for your industry. Show something no one has done before.

Make your profile a useful source of data to increase your visibility. In a sea of business offers, what really works is showing your best work and creating communities.

One advantage that Linkedin has is that it allows share experiences, education, weblinks and recommendations. Use these tools to make your content reach as much people as possible.

8. Include  videos to boost your reach.

Including a video in the summary, experience and education sections of your LinkedIn profile is an excellent way to give people an idea of ​​who you are in a few seconds in a dynamic way that represents you.

Don’t forget: when using LinkedIn, you must have a clear idea of what you’re hoping to achieve and with whom. Take advantage of the endless opportunities the social network offers and create valuable connections to grow your career.

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