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Every single product, service or brand website on the internet is there to be seen by potential clients. It aspires nothing more than to get redirects from social media and search engine optimization, hoping users click on their ads, posts and listings. What happens right after a user gets on your landing page might as well determine if the sale goes well.

There are many factors that influence the user permanence in a web page. People want fast solutions. Slow loading times kill visitor counts. 

The average time of spent in a page doesn’t exceed one and a half minutes.  This represents a challenge for businesses attempting to catch their customers attention, therefore it is recommended to renew your website every year.

What’s a landing page?

A landing page is an instrument designed for the purpose of generating action in the customer. It’s the very first thing a user sees upon reaching a website and its purpose it not only to make them view content but to generate an impact.

Its purpose is to redirect users to interact with a brand, capturing leads for subscriptions, sales, registrations, and such, guiding them to what interests them.

When and how to use a landing page?

The main objective of a landing page is to establish a relationship. To properly guide users to the content you want to them to get, you must first understand your goals.

Ask yourself what you hope to achieve with your overall campaign and landing page. What results are you looking forward to? Analyze every angle with utmost detail in order to fulfill your goals.

There are two basic strategies that your landing page can develop after deciding on  a clear objective:

Give and take: lead generations

The main objective for this type of landing page is to get users to leave their contact information.

Data is very valuable. Marketers and users know this. That’s why people don’t give it up easily.

To take, you must first give. You must give the user a compelling reason to give you their personal information.

You need an email? Consider launching a blog and creating a mailing list. People who find your content interesting will sign up to get more.

Generate sales: direct sales landing page

This type of landing also aims to obtain user information, but in more detail, as they are more likely to acquire the product or service.

Users who are further into the sales funnel and are ready to purchase might give up their information in exchange for the promise of being contacted.

 A landing page is the best option to present information to your customers online. Since it will give you control over your visits, you’ll be able to direct them and guide them to the action you want them to take.

Tips for an amazing landing page

For your brand to be complete, you need a website, a good position in search engines and content that attracts customers. Consider the following tips make a great landing page.

  • Make the copywriter your best friend. They will be in charge of making the user fall in love with the first text they see.
  • Less is more. Be clear about what you want and leave aside the excess of images, colors, texts, etc. You will capture attention in a clearer way if you simplify your content and it becomes something pleasant and digestible
  • Create visual contact. You can communicate what your brand represents in a few seconds using an image or video that catches.
  • Use testimonials. Everyone loves a good success story. 

Now you are ready to make your own landing page. Don’t forget that it is very important to track your page and keep it up to date. Above all, never lose sight of what you are looking for as a brand.

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