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Nowadays, it’s completely necessary to create audiovisual content for you brand. A corporate video is not an advertisement, it’s an attractive way to introduce a company, and its values and philosophy, to the world.

We know how difficult it can be to create a professional corporate video, so for that reason, we leave you this article with first-hand information that you surely want to have close by.

What is corporate video?

They are indeed videos, although we can also call them audiovisual material to sound more professional. Early on, they were only meant to show how to company worked. They would show the product or service the company sells, as well as its facilities and production processes. However, the concept of corporate video has grown beyond that to suit a wide array of audiences.

Different corporate videos for different types of public

We can direct our corporate video to different audiences, such as our employees, suppliers, partners and our clients. That’s why it’s deeply important to have our audience in mind before setting out on an audiovisual project.

Corporate video can work as a marketing tool and generate key advantages in reaching target clients. All that depends, of course, on the quality and content of the audiovisual material.

Sometimes, just showcasing the production or the product itself doesn’t work out. To generate content that creates engagement you need to:

  • Define the public we want to address
  • Share what we want to transmit to our audience
  • Investigate how we can reach that niche
  • Plan the message
  • Generate content

Why create a corporate video?

The main objective of a corporate video is to communicate.And the most important thing to communicate is the brand’s corporate identity. For sure, doing so in a professional mannerom its competitors, to present to team or, ideally, as an advertisement medium.

The length of a corporate video is very important. It must be long enough to communicate your message but short enough to retain the watcher’s attention. On average, it should last about two or three minutes, but the numbers drastically change depending on trends and platform. Be careful!

Types of content

It is important to be up to date on trends and aware of the type of message you want to share. 

You should always take into account the image of your company and be clear about how you want your company to be perceived. Bad content con negatively affect your brand.

Currently, “emotional marketing” is somewhat of a trend right now. As the name implies, it focuses on reaching the audience’s emotions in order to generate engagement.

The “Audio” part

You must be careful when producing content, and this includes sound. Audio often takes second place to visual, but everything from the music to the narration and special effects set the tone for the video. The texture of the voice or the type of music you use will set the tone for how the public perceives your message.

For example, if you want to project a peaceful brand, you want to use calm instruments such as harp, saxophone or piano.

Although we can’t visualize the importance of good audio production, not everyone can generate quality material.

The “Visual” part

It is fundamental to generate quality visual content. From videoclips to photographs to graphics, every element that visually appears in the video is important.

Take advantage of lighting when taking shots. Don’t be afraid to use gadgets or accessories such as drones to get the you’re looking for. It’s more likely worth it.

Quality is more important than quantity. After that comes duration and budget. If your budget allows it, hiring a professional is recommendable.

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