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Community managers are involved in a whole lot of activities, including social media, events, content creation and communication strategizing. Knowing how to use the best online tools for marketers and community managers in these areas is key to successfully creating an enjoyable experience for users.


The common profile of a community manager is someone who loves social media, knows how to empathize with people and has a great deal of creativity. This must be accompanied by activities such as:

  • Community management
  • Strategies design
  • Evaluating processes and projects
  • Customer experience
  • Copywriting
  • Web analytics

Being responsible for brand’s online presence takes time and money, but it will help to sustain, enhance and defend relationships between a company and its clients.

As community management has grown, many web applications have propped up to help managers do their job. Consider the following as great tools for marketers and community managers.



Hootsuite is a web application that allows you to manage all the social network profile of a company from a single control panel and thus obtain a complete view of what is happening in the social world.

It also allows you to respond quickly to all messages, brand mentions and comments through social networks from a single control panel.

Google Analytics

Of course, Google Analytics couldn’t be left out of this list.

This tools lets you know the statistics of a website, such as visits and keywords used to get there.

With Analytics, you can know the location of leads, create campaigns and measure the success of them to make better strategic decisions.


Email marketing is alive and well and Mailchimp’s success is proof of it. It allows users to create, personalize and monitor campaigns with powerful tools so you know you actually understand your audience.


If Hootsuite doesn’t fit your needs, try Buffer! With this web application you can manage posts on a broad range of social networks.


Shortening URLs is useful in most social media, as it creates more attractive text and helps users engage with links. With Bitly, you can also customize them to make them look and read better.

You can also track individual links and measure campaign performance through teams and channels, all in one place, all in real time.

Google Ads

People research using keywords. They go onto Google, type out what they’re looking for, and the search engine returns useful information for them

With Adwords, you can get your brand on the results page, generating traffic and getting people onto your website. 

Google’s tools allow to deeply configure campaigns, with indicators for design, budget, geographical segmentation and language..

Image repositories

The internet is overwhelmingly visual to the point that otherwise great brands fail due to lack of attractive graphics.

While paid stock image sites abound, not everyone has the budget for them. That’s where free image repositories come in.

Sites such as Pexels and Unsplash allow you to store, order, search, sell and share photographs or videos online.


Plan, manage and schedule Instagram posts from a computer or an app on mobile phones.

It’s always good to have a very stylish feed on Instagram since to differentiate your brand from others.

Cloud File Storage

Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive are invaluable storage systems that can backup files and make them available from different devices as long as they’re connected to the internet. These tools are a must for collaborative workspaces.

Facebook Insights

Facebook administrators can use this tool on their Fan Page to know user statistics and measure the success of the previous ads. It’s a great way to know if your page has good results.

These tools will make the work of a marketer or community manager much easier and efficient. Check them out now!

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