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What’s time you checked how efficient your website was? Is it fast enough? Can people actually find what they’re looking for? Is it available for any devices? If not, it’s surely time to renew your website.

Because of the trends, as well as constant changes in customer behaviour, website ought to be updated every year, graphically and functionally. Otherwise, people will believe them to be abandoned and obsolete. 


The most efficient way to win more customers with a website is by creating the best possible navigation experience. Google recognizes when your website is clean and relevant for users, which increase the probability of being put on its top search results.

Currently, most people access the Internet from a tablet or a Smartphone, or at least that’s what trends indicate. If your website is not available for those devices, you will not reach potential clients. 

Considering the following points as pointers when refreshing your website: 

1. Graphic trends

It’s easy to notice when a website is using an old-fashioned design or if it has made poor graphic choices in terms of photography and style.

Your website must reflect the greatness of your product or service. This means you need to give it some personality and style by using a modern profile that portrays relevant information without being overwhelming. 

Take a look at websites that offer similar value as your brand and find inspiration on their graphic trends to help your own graphic experience..

You should have in mind that if potential customers come to your website and see old graphics, they will assume that the company has a careless image or that the site is forgotten. They might even think that the company is no longer working.

2. Ease to navigate

Time is priceless and people are always in a hurry looking for faster solutions. If a website takes longer to load than usual, you might lose visitors. The average time spent on a website doesn’t exceed one and a half minutes. 

With this in mind, you need to improve the loading process of your website if you want them to stay. Try to make it user-friendly by having a structured order of information and visible buttons to link important information.

3. Test your website on many devices

The number of people who use their smartphones to look up information online is currently higher than those who use a laptop.

You may see your website on a laptop screen and while it might look good to you, if you don’t use the correct website creator platform, your content and images won’t be seen on a smartphone or tablet the way you want them to.

Most users end up leaving sites like this.

So here we present a list of options that will help you to renew your website:

1. A simple description of the company

The first thing the user should see on a website is the name of the company, a description of the product or service it offers and a catalog of products or services offered with quality photographs.

The very first seconds of browsing are the most valuable, as they’re key to get the user’s attention immediately, so it is necessary to give your clients what they need.

If you do so, they won’t hesitate to stay longer and continue exploring through your site to discover all its content.

2. A simple URL

Currently, with so much competition, it’s the best not to complicate users by memorizing difficult names, numbers and complicated symbols.

Therefore, it should be easy for your visitors to write the name of the brand on their Internet browser and get to your site.

An important tip is to use the .com top level domain, as it works for most brands. If it is a non-profit organization, a .org domain is appropriate.

3. Contact information

There are thousands of incredible pages that lose customers because they try to make modern and complex websites, yet they forget the most important part to generate leads: contact information. 

Your website could be dynamic, colorful and more, but if the customer can’t find the way to communicate to you, all those efforts will be for nothing. The best place to put the contact section is in the upper left or in the upper right corner of the home page, as well as the footer.

Currently, it’s advisable to include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts in addition to a phone number and website. You can also include your physical address and a link to your location in Google Maps.

4. Testimonials from clients

To generate trust with users who are unfamiliar with the website, you can include short testimonials from clients. This section increases your website credibility and makes new visitors feel comfortable about purchasing on your website. 

With honest words,9 buyers can reaffirm that the product or service fulfills what it promises. 

5. Win positions in search engines

You can have a wonderful website, but it won’t be helpful if nobody can find you.

It’s important that you know about search engine positioning, since this will allow you to know how to be in the first places of Google research.

Key words are very helpful for search engine because they help you be placed in the tight place when someone is searching something related to your brand.

Make sure that your website has call to actions with phrases like “save more”, “take advantage of discounts”, “come and meet us” and such.

6. Fresh and quality content

Users find a brand relevant when it has an original voice, it’s constant with content and it offers photographs or videos that highlight the quality of the product or service with colors that are pleasing to the brain and eyesight. Tips and articles are a great way to round out a site and offer quality content.

A great online experience results in users that not only return but fans in their own right and even promote the website sharing it. 

7. A secure hosting platform

Much of the information that brands leave on page can be accessed by shady entities if it’s not entirely secured. This is especially true when the page has online payments, but text, images, videos can also be hacked. Websites are sometimes taken over and redirected to malicious sites. All this means losing customers. 

It’s important to have the administration system updated in order to be one step ahead of hackers.

If your side is old and you feel that any of these factors can benefit your brand, don’t hesitate to consider an upgrade. It’ll be worth it.

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