How to sell a real estate project?



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When we think about the real estate branch (sale, rent, administration, construction, etc.), it always comes to mind how competitive it is. Because we know how saturated it could be, we present you a bunch of tips that you can take in consideration in the sale of a real estate project.

The objective is to provide competent and concise information for the correct decision making that leads to the correct sale of the project.

How is the real estate market?

Speaking of Yucatan, more specifically of Merida, which has seen the need to adapt itself into the vertical construction model in a way to look for balance and its rapid population growth while attracting private and foreign investment in the subsector commercial is helping the real estate sector to strengthen.

In fact, Merida is in the TOP 3 of the cities with the best quality of life in Mexico, so the attractiveness has increased and it means a greater possibility of generating business in the real estate sector. Yes, the real estate sector has grown in recent years and is expected to continue with that trend.

Does the internet, affect us?

Although the internet has revolutionized the way of doing business and streamlined some processes that perhaps in other times they could have taken days and even months, the internet serves us as a tool.
For what we need, the internet can serve us:

  • As a mean of comparison. Yes! It helps us to inquire about the information that the competition handles.
  • As a mean of promotion. There are already several portals and shared real estate exchanges, as well as having your own website, participating in the bags gives you an extra means of diffusion, where clients can see your real estate project “without wanting to.”
  • As a mean of selling. As we mentioned in the previous point, having your own website will help you to have a means of interaction, quote and even make the purchase by that means, you just need to know how to make the most of the amenities you can achieve with the internet.


How to sell a real estate project?

It has already been established what is often the case, but what do you need to be able to achieve the sale? The answer? Standing out!

How do you excel in a market where all proposals are usually similar? Literally, they are very similar, from the logo, colors, names! You need to offer and be different.

Do not worry, we’ll give you the TIPS you need and we’ll explain how to apply them:

    It is very important to highlight the benefits you offer, all those advantages that you could have compared to the competition, which can make the client prefer you and buy with you and not with the neighbor.
    Maybe we don’t have to be so extreme as to devise a new product or service from nothing but that it can be presented in a more entertaining or more dynamic way, which draws the attention of the public you want to reach.
    Now we focus on the design part of the company image, the advertising campaign, the project itself.
    When we refer to creativity, it may be, for example, to join the trend of vertical construction or the very design of the real estate.
    Maybe it is the most important of the points to touch in this article because, sometimes, even if you have the best project or you are the best seller in the world, if you don’t communicate correctly, you do not sell. It’s as simple as that.
    Communicate correctly includes considering the institutionality of the company or person who offers the project, spread advertising by the appropriate means (obviously highlighting the benefits, as we already stated in one of the previous points) and uses the messages addressed to the specific market we want to arrive.
    That’s right, being attractive is definitely NOT an option!
    The first thing you need to know is who you are going to offer your real estate project, look and investigate what are the benefits they seek and give that approach to your proposal to hook them and achieve the sales you want.


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