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4 Services offered by advertising agencies

What are the services of an advertising agency?

1. Strategy

It’s all centered around the strategy, when you’re creating a brand, its success is determined in all the planning of it.

And planning will be much more complex than just a few steps, it will span months of work for the brand to have a solid foundation when it goes out into the market.

You get a cake out of the oven before it’s ready? We don’t think so, a brand is much more important than a cake, it requires an investment.

We speak of heritage that needs to develop effectively to obtain the most benefits and brand growth.


A plan for a brand should have everything related to costumers.

Starting off with an effective communication, which makes everything easier.

Once you have a message you need to find the best way to communicate it and the means to do so, but most importantly the market you’re trying to reach with said message.

Just like a building, you must think about the foundations for a strong brand.

How can you build a house without knowing if its foundation is strong enough to keep it standing?

If people that recognize you are interested in your product, you will be more likely to get a costumer.

In the end, a campaign without a positive response is like throwing away all your budget.

To make your campaign work, you need to analyze all the needs and preferences of your target costumer, to give them exactly what they want.

Be what they need, exactly when they need it.

It seems like an easy task, and it can be if a good analysis is done and you have the appropriate message.

To create a successful strategy, you must keep in mind some variables

Strategies depend on your general or specific objectives, costumer base and the current situation of your company. Rest assured that a specialist will always have your best interests in mind.


2. Design

This is where all the visuals come into play.

It’s where most people get attracted and often end up making a purchase decision.


Anything visual attracts people and makes information easy to understand.

But it must be done with a clear objective in mind, like all services we will be discussing in this article.

Depending of the content, the reaction it gets can vary.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Just like Newton’s third law, but in the context of brands and companies, every time you do something positive ore negative you should expect a reaction and feedback from your audience.

It must be something simple and engaging, ideally a story.

It has the duty of providing correct information, so that every consumer can satisfy their needs.


3. Digital

We hear a lot about digital advertising and companies having to adapt to new trends.

It’s useful to increase prospects, elevate sales and have a good web presence.


This service can be supported by others, to strengthen and get better results.

A digital service is prepared so that the company increases their sales, making moves not only physically but also digitally.

It’s more comfortable to check a brand on the internet can walking down the store, wouldn’t you say?

Now you can get more clients almost automatically, without much effort.

Try it, there’s a lot to win and very little to lose.


4. Production

This service allows a campaign to go out into the market, we’re talking about photographic and video production.

Many starting campaigns, if they need to use personalized content, must include video and photo production in their strategies.


This generates a bigger impact in the audience, it allows them to see the product, place or service they’re interested in.

It is something very important for the approval of a potential costumer.

It is not as easy as recording anything or taking a photo with your smartphone and use it for the campaign.

It needs to adapt to the brand personality, the environment it wants to create and the story you want to tell.

It requires hours or even days of video and photo editing to avoid any problems.

The goal is that when people see the photo or the video, they recognize the brand and its essence.

In the end, wouldn’t you like to be easily recognized by everyone? Every brand would love that.



Why is it important?

For the creation of a brand or the making of a campaign, you need to know about the tools available to you, so you can decide which ones you will be using.

It is important to know the services, so when you use one. you have a clear understanding of what you need.

On the other hand, if you’re starting from scratch, it is important to identify the problem, so that you can create a plan to fix it.

Normally agencies are professional and capable of identifying problems within a company and they can suggest strategies, but it makes it easier for them if the problem has already been identified.


If there isn’t a problem to fix, or a goal to reach, a marketing, advertising or comercial campaign is useless.

Focus is key for everything, for any company, brand or person.

In Endor we have the services and the right people for an effective communication of your brand, and the creation of one.

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