9 types of advertising agencies

9 types of advertising agencies


In the marketing world, there’s many types of advertising agencies. Two main types in particular divide the market: specialized and 360 degree agencies.

360 degree agencies

This type of agencies holds most clients and has been active for the longest time. Their work covers every type of publicity, campaigns and branding.

They’re known as 360 degree agencies, due to the fact that they cover through a lot of services, as they’re versatile and follow a philosophy of delivering whatever the client asks for.

Specialized agencies

These agencies focus on a offering a unique service, in which they become specialists and provide distinct attention as well as deliver high quality results under their range.

They do not hold as much clients as 360 degree agencies do, but they sure do maintain the conviction that allows them to work in the most optimal way.

Turning to specialized agencies might result in a better project, due to the lack of other areas that could distract work, but the project in itself will be limited in the range and implementation of the service in which the agency specializes in.

Nevertheless, if your goal is to obtain a 360 degree campaign, that’s composed of digital advertising, massive or traditional, media plan, social networks, amongst other things, your best option is to turn to a 360 degree agency, since that is exactly what they do: everything and with a uniform control.

Types of advertising agencies and their characteristics

Within these two types of advertising agencies there are a lot more to be found. In the list that follows you’ll find the branches that can be found within the specialized agencies, since the 360 degree ones already do these services. These agencies focus on:

  1. Market research

Their main and only goal is research and recollection of data that’s relevant for a brand, product or service. They’re basically specialists in acquiring information, statistics and behavioral traits.

  1. Traditional media

As indicated by their name, they’re focused on what’s tangible, like printed matter, television or radio. These are the ideal agencies for the public that’s not found online. As they’re massive, the impact they create is bigger but less specific.

  1. BTL (Bellow The Line)

Through the use of creativity, surprise elements and taking advantage of the environment, these agencies are devoted to carry out non-conventional campaigns that amaze the target public. Their services are normally used in the streets where the customers might be passing by and they are approached in unusual ways. 

  1. Social networks

These agencies are specialists in handling social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, amongst others. There are even agencies dedicated to each social media, but that is a more complex situation that requires to be more specialized. Even though there are some few segments that can’t be found in these platforms, nowadays it is still indispensable to have some online presence, it all just depends on where the target market is at.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the optimized positioning. These agencies deal with the positioning of brands in search engines without having to invest in paid advertising, they tend to be very helpful without increasing the costs and provide great benefits for the brand.

  1. Marketing

They provide counseling and strategic advisement. How do they do it? By doing market research, analyzing threats and opportunities, developing marketing plans and creating marketing strategies and tactics.

  1. Branding

This specialization is vital for every brand. This type of agency has the task of creating the face of a brand or a company on its entirety, the image that the company portrays through every communication channel.

  1. Mobile

As indicated by its name, these agencies specialize in mobile marketing, which is basically marketing for smartphones. Since most users visit the internet through smart devices, this kind of market is impossible to ignore.

  1. Inbound marketing

These agencies are currently known for being the ones in style and for delivering the company the highest quality results. Their strategies are based in leading efforts straight up to the consumers. That way, the communication and advertising is addressed to potential clients through content of interest.

Inbound marketing strategies focus on acquiring more leads, so that the sales department has a bigger opportunity of closing deals.

Which types of advertising agencies are best for your brand?

It will depend on the objectives set by your brand and the types of efforts you want to address.

The following objectives must be taken into account in order to decide on a type of agency:

  • Branding agencies are ideal if the objective is to position the brand, since they achieve to distinguish themselves in the market, by creating an image that stands out and goes according to the target market.
  • In order to increase ideal sales prospects, the best agencies options are: 
  • Inbound marketing, since their strategies are designed to attract clients and make them interested in the brand.
  • Mobile, since it creates insertion and coverage plans for this market, in relation to smartphones.
  • Social networks, creating content for social media, results in more presence. 
  • SEO agencies are ideal for being introduced into a new digital market, since they achieve to establish the brand in Google.

What about traditional media, market research and BTL?

Traditional agencies can help in creating a bigger impact through traditional media.

Market research agencies specify and obtain data that can help getting to know your target market.

Lastly, BTL agencies might help in the task of surprising people, so that they recognize, remember and like the brand.


How to determine what types of advertising agencies works best for you?

When it comes to choosing the best type of agency for a company, there are several factors to take into consideration:

  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Target market
  • Campaign type
  • Objectives

It is important to take into account that each brand, company or project is different. That’s why it is not possible to specify the best type of agency, but rather provide insight into what type of agency is necessary for your needs.

Agencies, no matter what kind, will let you know know whether or not it is convenient to hire them. This is why it’s necessary to have clear information on the company’s marketing needs.

Money is not the only thing that goes into a campaign, it is also the way in which the company can either grow or decay. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind the objectives for each investment or advertisement as well as the market into which the efforts are being addressed to.

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