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One of the first things that catch the public’s attention out in the wild is images.But when you’re enticing them to make a decision and choose a product, the words you use to showcase a product can make an even bigger first impression to attract sales.

There are a lot of text-based sales techniques. A clear example of these is how copywriting has been perfected in marketing to become an essential tool.

Copywriters are becoming increasingly popular as companies are in a constant and increased struggle to stand out and create new content. Always looking for clear, concise and persuasive messages to achieve the two main objectives every company seeks: sell and attract.

Time is an important factor, as it plays a fundamental role that can be overwhelming if it’s not well managed. Since the internet has positioned itself as a visual medium; if the text or image doesn’t manage to seduce the target audience on the first place, the brand will not have a second chance and the attempt to attract and sale will fail.

The ideal strategy to achieve an excellent attraction and sale using the necessary means and techniques without a doubt is the creation of a corporate video.

What is a corporate video?

Corporate video is the creation of audiovisual content using the same innovations that marketing campaigns use. Its main function is to make brands stand out from the competition and communicate what the brand represents within a recommended duration of 3 minutes.

Three reasons to create corporate video to attract sales: 

1. Tell your story and build trust

Clients will connect with the brand’s values, put their confidence in its products and become faithful to the brand. Through the video, clients will be able to meet the people behind the company and see how they work.

This will add social value to the company and build the necessary trust that a client needs to purchase.

Corporate video is great sales tool. In can show in a very short time all the advantages and strengths of the brand, product or service, showcasing its best attributes.

2. Improve your website’s SEO

SEO is king when it comes to web marketing. Ensuring search engines like Google direct potential customers to the brand’s website is one of the most important ways to sell. And video helps a lot.

When users stay on a page, say, to watch a video, the website’s SEO positioning increases. In the case of web pages, audiovisual content will always help to increase the user’s time of permanence. 

3. Differentiate yourself

Corporate video showcases rich content for the end user. Planning a great idea with a great script can attract new customers and engage with them in order to make them participate in new projects: new products, nes facilities, new franchises…

The correct message can make users identify their own happiness with the growth of the company. They’ll purchase from the brand again and again, as the product or service has differentiated itself enough to become a love brand.

A brand must sell its essence to attract sells. Plain and simple. And creating corporate video is an excellent way of capturing and communicating that essence in three minutes or less.

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