Neuromarketing: How to sell to the mind

Sell it to the mind, not the people


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Neuromarketing is an up-and-coming field of study in marketing with a very promising future that’s worth studying. In this article we’ll go over a book that’s lauded as one of the most valuable sales guides ever published: Sell to the mind, not  to people.

Author and speaker Jurgen Klarić has made it clear that selling is an art form that should be learned regardless of profession. The information in his book, he argues, is useful for anyone anywhere.

Who is Jürgen Klarić?

It ought to be useful to know a little more about author Jürgen Klarić. He is currently the greatest expert in Neuroscience applied to Sales, Marketing and Education. According to some, he is considered the #1 speaker in Latin America.

He’s listened as one of the 10 most influential marketers in the world and has published two bestsellers through Editorial Planeta.

He also works as an adviser in a dozen great companies around the world and is the most popular business science educator in Latin America.

With more than 80 conferences per year, he shares and inspires thousands of people to achieve their goals faster.

Key points of the book

In his book Sell it to the mind, not to people, Jürgen has captured much of his experience as a salesman put in a simple, free of technicalities language.

More than definitions of sales, he has used scientific explanations that help to understand the functioning of the human mind in order to develop effective and practical sales speeches.

Emphasis is placed on the difference between a traditional salesperson and one who uses neuroscience as a tool. One of the characteristics of the traditional salesperson is to think rationally about what motivates people, even though their most powerful weapon is their mouth and words. 

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Klarić insists that the key to a successful sale is to sale to the mind. He considers that up to 85% of all decisions are subconscious and therefore outside the realm of rationality.

He emphasizes the importance of knowing how to sell to each person. People have different needs, expectations and interests, so it’s better to create a sales strategy within those limits to reach them. Instead of selling to everyone the same way with the same speech, each client should be catered to individually.

Most salespeople ignore information like this and try to sale products or services instead of what their clients are really looking for: experiences.

Jürgen’s book covers mental openness as well analysis of successful and not-so-successful sales stories. His examples are thoroughly explained and include exercises to practice sales. It is definitely a must-read. Definitely a should-read.

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