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When talking about salesforce, the sales manager is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, this area also includes the material and organizational resources that a company has, in order to commercialize its products or services. The organization, in particular, is a key tool to improve the performance of the sales department.

Why an organized sales force is needed?

Sales! Companies exist to sell their products and services. To achieve this, they need:

  • Measurable and achievable goals
  • Specific goals
  • Relations with customers and company image. It’s not just about selling, companies must create long-term relationships, trying to avoid any problem that may damage their image
  • Market knowledge: Having a sales team allows them to detect opportunities, new competitors, new market niches, and so on. It is important to have effective communication within the team to achieve it

How to organize the sales force?

To organize the sales force, a company has to keep in mind its volume, the number and line of products and services to offer, the distribution area and the sales and marketing strategy. The following steps will help to strategically organize the sales force:

  1. Analysis and diagnosis:

  • Identify the objectives of the sales and marketing strategy
  • Detect the resources
  1. Strategy planning:

  • Determine mission and goals
  • Determine short and long term objectives
  • Create an action plan
  • Identify the needs of physical and human resources
  • Organize the team indicating functions, activities, and objectives in an individual or group level
  • Establish methods of coordination, communication, and incentives
  1. Monitoring and evaluation:

  • Meetings to review achievements and inconveniences
  • Making of results reports
  • Application of improvements and solutions to the inconveniences

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What is the right structure for a company?

Having defined the strategy to organize the sales force, a company can choose a structure to best suit its characteristics.

  1. Territorial. Each salesperson is assigned a specific geographical territory to sell the products or services that the company has.

Advantage: This type of organization reduces transportation costs (time and money), in addition, the seller has the possibility of establishing lasting relationships with customers.

Disadvantage: Even though the clients are in the same area, it doesn’t mean they are the same or have the same necessities.

Recommended for companies that seek to expand their territorial presence, or have large influence area.

  1. According to the type of product or service. Each seller is specialized in a certain product or service.

Advantage: Specialized sellers will have full knowledge of their specific product.

Disadvantage: If the client is looking for several products or services, they will probably need a different seller for each one of them.

Recommended for companies with a large range of products or services, and high demand for these.

  1. According to the type of clients. Each seller is specialized in a market segment and type of client in order to adjust what they need.

Advantages: It creates a more personal, consumer-focused treatment. This helps them feel special and create lasting relationships.

Disadvantages:  Some consumers may be left out of the market segment or profile.

Recommended for companies that have different market segments.

  1. According to the sales function. In this case, the distribution of work depends on the ability of the salesperson. Clients may be assigned to salespeople based on availability and areas of expertise.

Advantages: Streamlining processes.

Disadvantages: The customer will be in contact with different people during the purchase, so it can lead to misunderstandings if there is poor communication between them, or well turn into a tedious purchase for the client.

Recommended for companies with an effective communication strategy and a robust Customer Relationship Manager.

Remember that the organization of the sales force must work in accordance with the needs of the company. A strong marketing team will help streamline decisions and create a beneficial sales strategy.

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