How to communicate campaigns with a single image?


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Companies hire advertising agencies to create amazing campaigns, but, what should they know before reaching out to one?

To carry out an advertising campaign, there are some keywords that will always be useful:

What do we want to communicate?
⋅ With who do we want to communicate it?
How we will communicate it?

Once that’s settled, we can begin thinking about the content and design of our campaign.

Resultado de imagen para advertising campaign

The importance of design

Many are not aware of the importance of good design in campaigns. The point of design is to communicate the core ideas of the campaign. We aren’t going to talk about color psychology or the extensive color palettes because that’s what designers are for, but you can know more clicking that link.

Can the image make the difference between a successful campaign or a failure?

The answer is definitely yes! Here are some pointers that you should take into account:

1. The visual hierarchy of information. For example, if what you want to show is that you have summer sales you should highlight it to attract information.
2. You should use images as reinforcement for text.
3. Use ALT tags. They are used for images as alternative text and allows a description to be included. This can help improve search engine optimization.
4. The font used for the text should be attractive but at the same time readable for the user.
5. The colors can make a difference. For example, brands related to food always use warm colors like red. Depending on your product or service, the designer can suggest the tones, but if you want to implement your own style, we recommend you first look at the colors of your direct competition.

Of course, the most important thing is to communicate. But more important is how to communicate.

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